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Individual Assignment

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The following are the process in place

* Mix ingrediaents in a mixing bowl and mix them

* Spoon the cookie dough onto a tray

* Put the cookies into the oven

* Baken them

* Take the tray of cookies out if the oven

* Let it cool

* Pack them in boxes

Cost (.60/dozez)

Box cost (.10/box)

Individual Assignment #2: Kristen's Cookies Case Study (Due 2/4)

Using the conventions and definitions from Figure 4.5 on p. 97 of the text (scientific management version), create a process map of the operations at Kristen's Cookie Company.

When you are using the process flow just enter this document from excel too.

Then, use this chart to answer the following questions:

If you and your roommate dedicate four hours per evening to working for KCC, what is the Capacity of the operation?

So lets understand the total time it would take for the first order

Process Time Units

Washing & Mixing 6 Minutes

Spooning 2 Minutes

Placing in oven 1 Minutes

Baking 9 Minutes

Cooling 5 Minutes

Packing 2 Minutes

Payment 1 Minutes

Sum Total 26 Minutes

So currently it takes 26 minutes to make the first order. Looking at the process flow above and what we learned in class discussions it is pretty evident that the bottleneck is the baking process (10 minute, also the cycle time).

All process cookies have to go through the pre-baking, baking and post baking phase but while the first order in the over, the bottleneck in the backing process stops 2nd order from coming in. Hence we can come up with the following equation

26+10(X-1)=240 = 22.4/shift


* 4hours * 60minutes = 240 minutes

* x = number of order that could be fulfilled.

* 26 is the time it took to create the first order (from above anaylis)

* we are subtracting one because the 26mintues incorporates the 1st order.

Hence if my roommate and me decide to work 4 hours (shift) per evening, 22 orders can be made in one shift

What is the Bottleneck for the cookie baking process?

If we group the details mentioned above into 3 process. A pre-bake process, a bake process and the post bake



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