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Individual Assignment What Is Human Service

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Essay Preview: Individual Assignment What Is Human Service

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Communication skills for career growth



Don Dwight

The last research paper that I wrote was about divorce, and the reasons behind divorce. I found this topic very relevant; in the world we live in today many married couples rapidly have found themselves turning to divorce as an answer. Finishing the fairy tale they had once fantasized. Moreover, there are certain well- known reasons that put people at higher risk for divorce and these are lack of commitment between the couples, marriage at a very early age, Infidelity, alcohol addiction, and physical abuse, and even financial problems.

In my paper I used many resources, including online references, blogs, books, and articles. I also used reliable references when appropriate. Quoted my references and included a bibliography to strengthen my essay.

I started off my paper with some background information about divorce general knowledge and basic points. I wrote my thesis statement and branched off with my main ideas. I went to elaborate my main ideas making sure to use supporting ideas and details. I also used various statistics, facts, and figures to support and toughen my points and restated my thesis into my conclusion to summarize my research paper. If I were to rewrite this paper now I would have searched more theories that have been shaped and assessed to determine if they apply to the recent rise in divorce rates around the world. I think my approach would have been still the same, but I would still be looking for the reason behind marriage divorce and why it is on a rise.

Certainly, selecting the right topic for a research paper is half the battle. Therefore, it is mainly important to pick a topic that we certainly like working with to make our research paper a success; we will have to guarantee that the topic is strong as well as agreeable To select an appropriate research topic one needs first to brainstorm. Brainstorming is a method that can help us find a topic that we can relate to. Brainstorming is often a fruitful way in which we can get some of these thoughts jot down on paper. Seeing one's thoughts in writing is often a motivating for the writing process. Essentially brainstorming is real when a topic has been selected; it also can be useful if we cannot narrow a topic. It is very important to select a topic that fits one's interest and knowledge and can be developed with sufficient details. Generally, if one chooses a topic, which is interesting to him/her, the reader will find it interesting too. The need to select a topic, which is not too broad or too narrow, is very important. If one's topic is too broad or unclear he/she will find too much information and will need to narrow the focus. On the other hand if the topic is too precise or particular, it will be difficult finding enough information to write one's paper, and therefore, one may need to broaden his/her idea.

Moreover, it is important to avoid topics that will lure one to summarize rather than to debate or analyze. Finally, one must make sure to select topics, which can be developed with adequate details as well as avoid topics



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