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Individual Assignment

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Website Plan: Media, Graphics, Content, Copyright, Usability, and Accessibility

University of Phoenix

WEB/236 Web Design 1

Website Plan: Media, Graphics, Content, Copyright, Usability, and Accessibility

There are several things to take into consideration when creating a website. Everything must be planned such as media, graphics, content, copyright issues, usability, and accessibility. The website cannot just reflect what you want and your opinions. You also have to think about what the visitor is going to want as well. How the user uses the website and how it is seen through his or her eyes is more important than how you personally see it.

For my German Shepherd Dogs website, I will be using media and plug-ins. I will use a flash player on one page. That would be used for the video of one of our dogs and his protection training videos. This will be for the user to see the potential of the puppies that we have from that particular male. This will show the visitor what are dog is capable of without having to demonstrate from our house. Our dog will not be demonstrated personally since we do not always have a trained person to wear the bite sleeve and suit. We will also provide videos on how to begin training with the new puppy. We begin training with all of our puppies at eight weeks old and this way the new owner can continue to use the same proven techniques. All the videos will be on one page and this will be the only page with a flash player.

There will be several graphics used on my website. I will have one picture that shows all of my German Shepherds sitting attentively. This will be a very recent picture that we will probably take during the first snow. This will show the distinct markings of each dog. It will also show the visitors how well behaved our dogs can be. Each dog is going to have his or her own page as well. I will use our male, Xain, as an example. I will post a picture such as the one below to show his distinct markings.

I will then add other pictures such as the next one to show his temperament with small children. This will show the visitors that all of our dogs are raised with the children and they are great protectors of them as well.

Each dog will have at least five photos on each page. I will also use images on the past litters page. I will show a picture of mom and dad from that particular litter and then individual images of each puppy.

The content that will be included in the website will be our personal information about our dogs and family. We will also use the training techniques that are personally effective for us. We will not use details from other websites.



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