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Individual Assignment

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Course : MIS

Program : MBA 17


To identify, evaluate t and critique IS management in an organization known to you (writer of this assignment).

In instances where there are no evident IS/IT management practices, then base your evaluation on the gaps and impact on the business.

Executive Summary

The organization known to me is Primerose Engineering (Nig) Limited.

This is a small scale enterprise with focus in Sales, Product Support, Design and Instrumentation in Oil & Gas industry with office in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

An interaction with the company's M.D did reflect some of the issues of IT/IS framework discussed during this course.

The company's M.D however recognized and stated that a successful organization is built on a solid framework of data and information using the right infrastructure (IT resources) to deliver the information that the business needs to achieve its objectives. He also added that this information is looked at based on its effectiveness, efficiency and confidentiality.

However, the MIS frameworks introduced during class sessions are;

- Planning

- Acquisition & Implementation

- Use which comprises of Management/Administration and Governance.

This work will be looking at Governance issues as they are in the company, understand and critique or appraise as the case might be. Also to recommend based on the learning in class session and relevant readings how this ought to be, and wrapping up conclusion.

IT Governance

For many organizations, information and the technology that supports it represent the organization's most valuable assets. Moreover, in today's very competitive and rapidly changing business environment, management now requires increased quality, functionality and ease of use, decreased delivery time and continuously improving service levels -while demanding that this be accomplished at the lower costs.

IT governance integrates and institutionalizes good (or best) practices of planning and organizing, acquiring and implementing, delivering and supporting, and monitoring IT performance to ensure that the enterprise's information and related technology support its business objectives. IT governance thus enables the enterprise to take full advantage of its information, thereby maximizing benefits, capitalizing on opportunities and gaining competitive advantage. There are numerous changes in IT and its operating environment that emphasize the need to better manage and control IT-related risks. In today's world of business, dependence on electronic information and IT systems has now become essential to support and enable critical business processes. In addition, the regulatory environment is mandating stricter control over information system disasters and increasing electronic fraud. The management of IT-related risks is now being understood as a key part of enterprise governance,

Within enterprise governance is IT governance and this is defined as a structure of relationship and processes to direct and control the enterprise's goal by adding value while balancing risk versus return over IT and its processes (ITGI, 2000).

While another



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