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Industry Revolution 4.0

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For social perspective, industry revolution 4.0 produce several opportunities. IR 4.0 reduces greenhouse gas emissions effect by using traceable carbon footprint. Carbon footprint usually expressed in carbon dioxide, carbon footprint is the total of greenhouse produce and used to support human daily life.  The purpose of carbon footprint is reducing wasted resource and energy such as machine innovation, and recycle resource. It may bring others advantage reduced logistics and physical transport process.

        Besides, industry revolution 4.0 optimize load balancing and it reduced energy consumption. Through smart energy systems can improve process stimulations and predict energy consumption. Collect direct data interconnection as well as improve manufacturing design and leading improved product lifecycle. Hence, IR 4.0 helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it also will enhanced for reducing for waste resource consumption. Not only this, it also solve unnecessary time wasting, wrong deliveries, damages goods by data transparency.

        Industry Revolution 4.0 brings several benefits to employees. Human machines such an assistant helped to enhance human learning and lead to enhance employee satisfaction in their workplace. By this, employees improve their jobs efficiency and effectively via IR 4.0 product. Unfortunately, it is difficult to estimate current situation on whether used IR 4.0 will effect the increase of decrease employees at work place. In the era of IR 4.0, replacement of simple tasks is possible, but some of the tasks such as planning, collaboration, monitoring, and training will still be required for man power. Company practice with IR 4.0 propose us transformation process, to digital transformation, because it requires new mindsets for solving challenges of digital transformation a strategy for addressing employee qualification.

        Next, intelligent manufacturing system (IMS) will be the latest manufacturing system which obtain adopting new methodologies, and new form its help traditional system into smart system. Intelligent manufacturing system using service oriented architecture it will provide flexible, efficiency, faster, collaborative to the end users.




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