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Information Technology - Case About the Crm Software

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Essay Preview: Information Technology - Case About the Crm Software

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Information Technology Exam

Case about the CRM software

In this case, i have Choosen the company Finasen S.A. wich is a a real estate company located in Dakar(Senegal). Its function is to organize the space to create new districts, to provide for their integration by linking them to their natural and urban environment and build the equipment necessary to meet the needs of populations. The company agrees to comply with its ethical and conduct quality operations defined as part of a partnership approach with local elected officials, for the sake of balanced development, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

For all its achievements, FINASEN is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team involving an architect and urban planner, geologist, surveyor, engineer VRD and several technicians.

I- The company envrionment

A- The economic environment

With this slight drop in the number of tourists for two years and with the introduction of levies revised upwards by the tax, the property prices are currently stalled. This, in new housing as in the older building, and for rentals. Dozens of luxury homes for sale are on the small side or in some housing estates in the capital. Senegal is he not trying to become a country where it is reasonable to invest?

Like most other countries in the world, a bubble was created in Senegal in real estate, and leases as purchases of land and houses on the peninsula of Cape Verde or tourist locations like the small side (Saly, Somone) have reached new highs

B- The financial environment

If there is one sector of the economy where prices are constantly rising, it is that real estate. All over the area of Dakar, the value of the stone has increased due to demand far exceeds supply. An unfavorable trend for consumers since it plays on the price index posted on the real estate market and leads especially land speculation.

And the latest figures from industry professionals confirm the increase in the price per square meter in Dakar a marked increase over previous years.

The scarcity of supply is the cause of the rise and the suburbs is no exception since it is not immune to this fever of the stone.

Housing demand has been rising in recent years, fueled by an exceptional population growth. Indeed, extended over an area of 550 km2 and a population of nearly two million of people, remains the Dakar region, which absorbs more investment in real estate.

But professionals are unanimous in recognizing the low supply. Thus the real estate market, held under pressure of demand, remains strong, due to the continuing shortage of supply.

C- The political environment

Senegal a Largely Muslim, politically stable, and a multiparty democracy, this country is a small, poor, and moderate secular nation. Senegal is an influential and moderating voice in Muslim councils, and often consulted by French policy-makers. Senegal's role in efforts to assist Africans to better manage conflicts has also recently grown

D- The Suppliers

Suppliers of the company cover all its needs in construction materials company. Among them are:

- Companies all piping works and cement. Matelec, Sococim, Equip more

- Advertising Agencies (Virtual Media, L3A, pixel)

- The companies servicing and maintenance of construction machinery (Sphinx, the bike tour parts)

E- The customers

The customers of the real estate company in general are:

➢ individuals

➢ organization

They consult companies for various reasons including:

➢ information on the prices of plots and payment methods.

➢ On the evolution of work so that they can know if they can sleep and already begin construction

E- The competition

The current real estate market is really competitive. We can find in that market some competitors such as the SIPRES SA, SICAP SA, the SA SOCABEG etc..

Those companies offer:

➢ water, electricity and telephone.

➢ septic tanks

The serviced Lands sold by FINASEN SA are far more expensive than those of its competitors.

She stood out for his type of delivery, high quality, very modern. Which allows him to position high and sell at great prices.

But whatever the intensity of this competition, this does not prevent these companies to help each other.

II- Swot analysis of the company


* Increase customers through advertisements and posters

* Awareness of the largest customers of the importance of our plots Threats

- Tough competition in the real estate market


* Good quality of the product of the company

* Good working relationships with shareholders Weaknesses

- Non-attendance of sales agents in the site

III- Activities : presentation of the product

The project of the company called the "villas les Baobabs" is located in Grand Mbao in front of the ZAC MBA in the department of Pikine. This project has nearly 1,500 plots and was divided into three tranches.

➢ The first block(400 plots) is already finished and was sold to the company Orange for their employees.

➢ The second block (600 plots) and last (500 plots) are being finished.

➢ Trade Zones and mosques are provided on some of these plots.

Those subdivisions are certified 100% quality. Those are lands under notarial sales with land titles and are fully serviced

A- Organization structure

The company is a small company which have been created in 2002. As the administrator of the FINASEN SA, Mr Marc



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