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Technology Case

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I believe many changes in technology will take place in the next fifty years. It would be very ignorant of me to say there won't be. Just in my short time, I have watched technology advance greatly. This includes the use of cell phones, personal computers and the constant replacement of human jobs with robots.

Within fifty years every human, as soon as they are born, will have a microchip placed inside their body, possibly the head. This microchip will enable the government to keep track of civilians as well as allow these civilians to communicate via this microchip with others around the vicinity or possibly the entire world. Not only will this microchip enable humans to communicate easier, but memory will be able to be stored within the database of the chip for convenient recovery.

Another advance in technology may be, in conjunction with the microchip, humans will be able to use this microchip to control machines such as a robotic arm or fly a fighter jet and feel all the things that are happening in the plane such as the pressure exerted on the wings and the intensity of the thrusters and never leaving the safety of the ground. Also with this addition humans could be able to navigate around a personal computer without touching a keyboard, mouse or even mentioning a sound!

This one advancement would bring to life the dreams of the ones that have been paralyzed by using this chip to control the movement of artificial legs or by using their own biological legs and using the chip to send electric pulses usually sent by the brain to the muscles in the leg by wires instead of relying on the spinal cord. Also for some people that have no hand eye coordination, they would be able to drive without even touching the steering wheel the same way discussed earlier with the fighter jet.



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