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Technology Case

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Human races are depending mostly on today's technology for their daily activities. Technology has a huge impact on human life that some people had claimed that they couldn't live without it for just a day. Even though that statement sound ridiculously insane, but it's very true. If we could slowdown or perhaps pause our busy life for a moment and take a closer look at our everyday routine then we will notice that every minute of our life is counting on technology. As I comfortably sitting in my warm and cozy room with my laptop in front of me to work on this essay assignment, with this single task, I am currently using numbers of different product created by technology innovations like the laptop, the internet, the furnace, the light bulbs, the chair, the table, and the electricity to help me complete my assignment and to ease my tasks. Although we're constantly exposed and working with technologies, but maybe because of our busy lifestyle or we are just careless about everything surrounding around our life that have been blocking our view about the important of the interaction of technology with our society. The purpose of technology is not only limiting to make tasks simpler for humans to perform; instead, it has such a large effect on social, political, and economy in today's modern society.

The ability to working together and sharing ideas among each other of human society in the process of creating and using tools to achieve such difficult tasks which otherwise limited human physical strength sets human race apart from other creatures. Even though technology innovations help shape society, but on the other hand, society also has much greater impact on technology. Some scientists, engineers, and innovators continuously explore and solve problems to develop new improved technologies, and the existing technologies are there is to fulfill the current need. For example, in this 21th century with a rapid increase of the world population together with advancing technology, we are as human being starting to worry that our natural resources like petroleum, coal, and etc. that use to power our cars, generate electric to power our electric devices would come to a halt. Therefore, around the globe, many scientists and engineers came up with many different ideas to come up with ways to make alternative clean power sources like bio fuel, sonar, and wind energy. Since bio fuel has a great promise compared to sonar and wind energy, it's also a very clean power that produces almost zero emission gas. Bio fuel is created from sources like corn and grain that we could grow on land. The only negative drawback is that if we use corn to make bio fuel then we will not have enough corn to feed the increasing population of the world because corn is the main source of our everyday nutrition. Bio fuel did make a small leap in creating new source of alternative energy, but it got quickly push aside because society choose



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