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Information Technology Center Related Assignment

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Stage 1        2

Project Scope        2

Assumptions        2

Planning Methodology        2

Stage 2: WBS and Manual Scheduling        3

Project Calendar/ Gantt Chart        3

Work Breakdown Structure        6

Organization Breakdown Structure        7

List of tasks, durations and their logical relationship        8

Cost of the Project        9


Sub-contractors schedule for the project        11

Stage 1

Project Scope

Many improvements have been made in the field of Information technology since the last two decades. The 21st century starts with exceptional chances to utilize Information Technology to meet a developing number of needs of the society. With the main interest of society towards Information Technology, IT has moved from the research facility to the workplace, store, and home and has been integrated into people's personal life. It is likewise changing different parts of the business and all government sectors. Researchers have many new ideas of Information Technology that can be applied to the engineering concept and these concepts can emerge as the advanced and easy society. Everybody can see the development of business sectors for IT merchandise and enterprises, yet the requirement for more research is less visible. With the passage of time, the scope of raising issues for the Information Technology research is expanding.


Not any particular assumption has been made regarding the construction of the project. All of the steps are based on the real time experiment. If we will make any kind of assumption, it can destroy the base of the project and the overall schedule.

Planning Methodology

  1. Agile

The Agile method divides the whole projects into a number of small project phases or project cycles. The following method is easy to adapt to the project manager and stakeholder. Basically, the project is divided into milestones, each milestone is delivered after every week or days or month as defined by the project manager and after the completion of a milestone it is shown to the client. If the client wants any kind of abrupt changes in his project, it can be achieved in the next milestone. The agile approach is only for the small-scale project delivery.

  1. Waterfall

The Waterfall method is preferred over Agile. It is said that the Waterfall model was the first model presented in the software engineering. In this approach, the project is broken down into several sequences and the next sequence is dependent on the completion of the previous one.

  1. Scrum

The Waterfall method is based on the traditional approach, therefore, it can take a month or two to plan the whole project before moving on towards the first stage of the project. Not only the planning phase can time, the design phase can also take months to develop. Scrum is based on the Agile approach and it is the best methods to adapt to an organization's product launch.

  1. PERT

The term PERT is the abbreviation of " Project Evaluation Review Technique". This method is connected with the Critical Path approach and provides a time-saving method for the delivery of the project. Time is crucial when there is a talk of management of project as time decides the budget .

Stage 2: WBS and Manual Scheduling

Project Calendar/ Gantt Chart

[pic 1]

[pic 2][pic 3]

Work Breakdown Structure

[pic 4]

Organization Breakdown Structure

Following OBS will be followed in the IT center.

[pic 5]

List of tasks, durations and their logical relationship

Sr. No

Task Name


Date month/day/Year



Develop a Scope




Project Market


Developing a budget


Sat 5/26/18



Obtaining planning permits and approvals


Fri 6/01/18



Design of the IT center


Thu 6/7/18

Base of Construction


Construction of the IT center


Thu 14/718

Project site


Completion and Handover





Cost of the Project

As per the WBS, the most of the project cost will be given to the Construction from $25 Million. Almost $20 Million will be given to Construction and to buy technology machines necessary for the IT center. In the remaining $5 Million, labor cost, direct cost, indirect cost and other costs will be adjusted.



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