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Innovation of Social Networks

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Essay Preview: Innovation of Social Networks

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What are social networks? Well as Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, the biggest social network with more than 600 million active users, described it as "a new communication medium" and with an "affinity with the telephone networks and other affinity structure from the past."(Kirkpatrick 144) Social networks such as Facebook is where you put personal information, befriend people, and share ideas and special moments. Social Networks is a new way of communicating in the 21st century, a new revolutionary symbol in this modern era. Social Networks sudden amount of usage has affected a variety of aspects in the world and tremendously the business, political and social aspects.

Hence, the developments of social network such as twitter and facebook have affected business aspects of the world. Facebook and twitter are great tools for marketing or advertising tools because Facebook and twitter are seeing as a mall were millions and millions of potential clients are there ready to buy a product the revolution of Facebook is that it is using the persons profile information and providing advertisements that fit the persons parameter based on their profile. For example, if Middle-aged men who list motorcycling as one of their hobbies could get offers from Victory Motorcycles. This is a revolutionary way of advertisement that corporations can find their target market in an efficient way. But it doesn't stop there it's looking into the future "A survey by Web 2.0 start-up Worklight found that 63 per cent of the 500 financial professionals surveyed identify transaction widgets as a priority for 2010.4 Transaction widgets might allow customers to check their balance, transfer funds and pay bills directly from their desktops, mobile applications, or social networking sites such as Facebook."(Brett) Banks want to incorporate this because Facebook is where people are most familiar and want to use it as a tool to gain trust of their customers. Business are utilizing this system effectively and gaining hundreds of customers a powerful tool that the power of social networks have created.

Facebook and Twitter is a place where you can express your feelings on political affiliation and political situations occurring .For Example, the election of Barrack Obama is also called " The Facebook Election" he created a facebook fan page and in the fundraising against McCain John McCain raised US$11 million through campaign fundraisers to support his presidential bid. Barack Obama attended no campaign fundraisers, but used online social networks to raise $55 million in just 29 days. Facebook is also a great way for political activism, recently in Egypt struggle to remove their president after his 30 years of reign, they credited social networks for theirhelp in that struggle What's been particularly interesting is that the Egyptian activists weren't simply looking for people to "like" their protest pages or to give people a place to expel their frustrations. They used social networking sites to engage people -- to motivate them into action, not just online but in the real world. This way joining a protest group in facebook is like signing a petition with your name on it.

​Social Network structure, like facebook and twitter of receiving newsfeed from friends and families that tells you up to the minute ,what they are doing creates a sense of ubiquitous knowledge which is the cause of facebook addiction .This online contact is has been given the name ambient awareness by sociologist which is "like being physically near someone and picking up on his mood through the little things he does -- body language, sighs, stray comments -- out of the corner of your eye."(Thompson 2)This type of interaction describing what you do every minute seems absurd to older users of social networks, but said that the effect of this interaction on reading what their friends are doing makes them become familiar and closer event if



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