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Integrated Management System

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An integrated management system (IMS) can help PennCo Counseling Services (PCS) better utilize resources, align and develop objectives, improve communications, foster a team environment, and improve operational efficiency. The IMS will include the company's culture, processes, resources, and structure. Therefore, it is necessary for PCS to consider external and internal factors when developing their IMS.

The four external factors are economic, sociological, political, and technological.

PCS funding, referrals, and contributors are Department of Defense, First Union Bank, the Wiley foundation, United America, MVA, and HELPFIRST. There are three major counseling competitors in the area. PCS needs information from all external economic sources and the company needs to know what type data contributors and referral agencies require. In addition to acquiring information on disabled veterans, PCS needs to know basic demographics of their service area, community problems and socioeconomic status to enter sociological data. Politics will impact PCS because of federal regulations governing disabled veterans, state requirements for licensed/certified professionals, and employee equal opportunity practices. New medications and counseling models are under development. Information technology is constantly changing. PCS will need to give careful consideration and include technological data in the IMS.

There are at least six internal factors for PCS consideration. PCS mission statement includes "promote and enhance mental health of individuals, families, and groups through....prevention and treatment." The population is defined in the mission statement as well as outcome. PCS will need to consider how to measure input, output, throughput, and output elements to achieve organizational purpose as well as organizational planning. PCS strategic and operational planners will need to supply specific goals and objectives, such as a percentage of clients successfully completing therapeutic sessions. Another goal could include counseling a specified number of disabled veterans each year to satisfy the DoD contract.

Operations are an internal element which looks at departments and programs. PCS will need to track performance goals for sex, drug, alcohol, and domestic abuse programs. This element can also include tracking of employee training, certifications, complaints, and customer satisfaction surveys for each department. Each department or program will need to specify numeric goals.

Human resources are another internal element. PCS will need to input staff qualifications, licensing, certification, training, ethnicity, gender, and pay scales. The company will need to consider percentage of employees receiving cash and non-cash awards, number of paid holidays, sick days, and personal days.

Information technology hardware, software, and communications equipment



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