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International Business

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With cities like London dealing with youth rioting in the streets, and countries like Spain dealing with 40% youth unemployment, there is hope yet, as many young leaders and students from around the world struggle with issues and other issues a group of students in Malacca, Malaysia has set a shinning example of what to do.

The students in the International Business department of the Multimedia University have organised a conference themed "Striving for Environmentally Sustainable Economy". "We wanted the students to get real life experience" stated Tan Khai Heng, the Director.

"I was happy to speak at this conference, the students continually followed up with me and made sure everything was in order" commented Dr. Rohani a youth expert from Malaysia. "I was impressed by the level of involvement of the students at MMU, I can see that there is a group of young leaders being developed there" stated Nordin Abdullah. "When we were in university we would not dream of being able to create such an event and the fact that they raised the RM 18,000 (apx.USD6, 000) required to organise the event is a real credit to the organisers."

It is no wonder that Malacca also boast the head quarters of World Assembly of Youth, several universities and is the first state to reach developed status in Malaysia some 10 years before vision 2020 while recently being listed as a world heritage site. The Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Ali Rustam has continued to prioritise the youth and the development of young leaders with several events being hosted in the state each year which bodes well for the future.



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