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International and Domestic

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Sec/ 310

Professor Robert Beall

November 21, 2011

Information security specialization is something I would interested in working. Information systems contain a great deal of important information; security management must develop some type of security measurement that will minimize individuals stealing personal confidential information. Security any business network will prevent employees for causing any type of harm. Properly secured office network is definitely needed in order to monitor integrity, personal information, and intrusion. In almost every business there is dishonesty within the business and outside the business as well. Keeping businesses and their information secured is very important in this day and time. Implementing a security program does not necessarily mean everyone will be dishonest; it's simply structured to keep everyone as honest as possible. Securing business information is a sure way to keep everyone honest. (Walker, D & Jones, R. 2010).

The advancement of IT is truly an opportunity for many. The usage of computers plays an important role in many businesses especially the Government. For this reason computer security is needed to reduce the risk of underhand negotiations, deceit, and interruption of important work performance. Computer security is a needed to reduce any and all threats.

Security Management role in Information Security is to examine the information system and develop strategies to prevent any type of security issue that may occur. Before this can be accomplished, security management must be resourceful and skillful. This has to be done in order to be impressive in guaranteeing responsibility. Management must be able to develop a plan that can be communicated by others in order for things to run smoothly.

Security Management has the responsibility of making important decisions regarding the safety of businesses. Once a plan has been thoroughly created, it must be shown to the person in charge and approved before the next step. Not only does the business rely on security management to design and deliver a thorough strategy, the employees count on security management to design a plan that will assist them in doing a productive job.

Securing the basic framework is considered the most vital issues business and governments are challenged with today nationwide. Information security covers a vast area and security professionals find it very challenging at times and is very concerned with minimizing threats. Daily businesses are constantly using communicating via internet, accessing information, and processing business transactions.

If security is not implemented, businesses internationally and global will be affected in many ways. It's common for security professionals to consider people being the most vital part of securing any type of business. Within every business, everyone who is considered a member of a business must always keep in mind that they are also responsible for providing security within the business. Appointing an individual to implement security policies is needed in order for things to operate properly. Organization is the most important stage when designing any type of security plan. If organization does not exist, businesses will be affected in many ways. People are very important when it comes to security plans. Even though they are well trained risks will not be eliminated permanently. It is very important to assign an individual



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