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Interview with Julie Stangel

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Essay Preview: Interview with Julie Stangel

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Interview with Julie Stangel

I had the opportunity to interview Julie Stangel RN, BSN, and MBA. She is the Administrator of Nursing at Sheridan healthcare center in Zion, Illinois the result of receiving her advanced degree. In which, job security is certainly an added point of her job. Her position places her over top of head nurse Miss. Stangel will supervise nurse's staff and implementation of policy, structural changes and assist in carry out any changes in policy as needed. Miss. Stangle said, "my decision on continuing my education was the best decision I ever made by graduating from University of Mississippi and receiving my Master's degree in nursing administration(MBA)." income, wealth, race, and gender

Interview Question: Why income inequality is noticeable more than ever before? "Overall, then, most people are doing better than in the past. However, richer people in the world are moving ahead much faster than poor people, so that the world's relative poverty has been increasing" (p.31)

Miss. Stangel: The key point is that houses, cars, college education, cell phones and computers were only available to the top wealthy people now are available to the poor. In fact, some people were gaining wealth while other did not, but now most of the middle class people are becoming lower class people.

Interview Question: Did advancement in new technology cause inequality.

Miss. Stangel: Yes, because the value of the minimum earning wages had played a big role behind the many changes in the U.S this strongly built upon the technology skill in the U.S. more skilled educated workers replace many tasks that performed or operate by unskilled workers and gain greater demand for skills workers.

Interview Question: Why is poverty in poor countries is more severe than it is in rich countries

Miss Stangel: Probably because third world countries do not have the technology and the medical treatment that is in the first world countries.

Interview Question: Why, are "women have become well represented in many fields of study that once excluded them, including mathematics, chemistry, and biology. But men still predominate in many fields, including engineering, physics, and philosophy, and women cluster in the fine arts (including music, dance, and drama) as well as the social sciences (including anthropology and sociology)" (p.

Q:Why do man earn 10% more than "women highly concentrated in low-paying jobs."(

Q: How do "Ideology changes along with a society's economy and technology." (p.19)



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