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Interpersonal Interview Paper

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The interview assignment is on the syllabus, but what I am mostly looking for is a two page paper describing to me what you learned about your own communication through the process. Find a person that you would be able to have a conversation with for more than a few minutes, think of a couple of questions to keep things flowing well. Afterward, ask the person what they noticed about your communication, good and bad, during the conversation. Then in the paper, write one paragraph describing the person you interviewed, why, where, etc. (not much is necessary here). I do not need to know question asked or anything about their responses unless it pertains to your communication. Then report what they noticed about your communication skills in 1-3 paragraphs. Then in 1-3 paragraphs describe what you noticed about your own communication during the interview. And finally in the last paragraph you should present a couple of goals you have for improving your communication in the future

Interview Assignment: All class members must conduct two interviews with people of their choice during the semester. You should meet face to face with the person of your choice to complete each interview assignment. You will compile a list of questions to ask the person which could be related to anything as simple as favorite movie, vacation destination, life/career goals, politics, current events, etc. The questions do not have to be anything formal, they are mostly meant to help the conversation flow and to learn more about your interview partner. When the interview is completed, you will ask the person you interviewed to assess some of your interpersonal communication behaviors (what did they notice about the way in which you communicate, both areas which are good and needing improvement), then write a 2-page paper briefly describing the interview (who it was with and where it was conducted), some insight you received from your interview partner about your communication, then a self-analysis of how you think you communicated during the interview (both positives and negatives), and finally identify two skills you want to improve in the future. These interview



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