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Intrapersonal Communication

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According to 'Building foundation for communication & building speech textbook by Sheldon Metcalfe'. Intrapersonal communication refers to the communication process that happens within your own thoughts. It explains in detail that as the sole communicator involved in this internalized "conversation" you must play the roles of both the sender and the receiver i.e, suggesting and evaluating ideas, constructing messages and developing feedback in response to your own internal communication. This internal dialogue is an essential element of our ability to reason and to solve problems. It is the first stage in critically analyzing ideas and generating responses.

According to my google research which is 'Google books', Intrapersonal communication is a relatively new phenomenon for communication study and still lacks the grounding of a sound theoretical base. Intrapersonal communication takes place within a single person or the communication process within an individual.

And finally which is my own ideas on intrapersonal communication; This is the process of communication that occurs within ourselves. It is the act of communicating with yourself. We all do it and need it in all areas of our lives and have an idea,in each area, how we would like to achieve it. This puts us in the driver's seat of our lifes, if we could meditate or talk within ourselves which is intrapersonal communication. It is a good idea to talk ourselves because inorder to understand other and to understand the world, you must understand .



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