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Introduce of a New Product Called Veezez

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Essay Preview: Introduce of a New Product Called Veezez

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2.0 Product Overview

2.2 Product Description

Tropica manufactures vegetables juices under the brand name: Vezzeez made directly from fresh vegetables. No sugar or artificial color are added in the juices to maintain its originality.

Naming Vezzeez: The name Vezzeez has been chosen because:

It resembles the main product ingredients vegetables and thus customers will easily understand what it is made of.

The name Vezzeez has a vibe to attract people of all ages.

Packaging Vezzeez: Vezzeez will be available in two different containers:

250 ml attractive bottle

1 liter attractive Tetra pak

250 ml bottle is made of high quality food grade recyclable and reusable plastic. So, after finishing up the juices, people can reuse these as water bottles. 1 liter Tetra pak is made of six layer of sheet which keeps away from air. So, This layers provide additional protection for the content against oxygen, bacteria, undesired flavors and light.

There will be different colors and tastes available for juices. These varieties of taste and color will be created by making a mixture of different vegetables in different ratio. The bottles are designed in a way that attracts people and can keep that as freezer bottle of water.

Making Vezzeez: The juices will be manufactured in the factory located in Jirani, Savar. The purchase and procurement department will purchase raw material which are fresh vegetables. On daily basis these vegetables are available near to Saver which is from vegetable firms and vegetable market. The production department will manufacture the juices by the method of washing, blending, grinding and processing of vegetables using highest technology and then package it. Total process is hygienic as a result higher quality product being provided .For long term storage, the company will use harmless preservatives in the juices which will be imported from abroad. The distribution network will then deliver the finished product to different retailers. The overall control of the business will be operated from the head office located in Dhanmondi.

Quality Control: Vezzeez will provide guaranteed satisfaction in taste and healthiness to its customers. The company Tropica also will place total emphasis on maintaining and improving of quality of the juices following local and international standards recommended by the Bangladesh Government, Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institutes (BSTI), World Health Organization (WHO), and ISO certification. These standards will be strictly followed to monitor the product quality.

The quality control facilities include a high quality standard laboratory section, where the experts will inspect



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