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Introductory Speech

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Hello! Good morning! Am I Mark? No. Am I Julian? No again! Am I Morris? Yeah, that's right!

I guess this speech is the one of the most difficult speeches to do in my whole life. It is just so hard to evaluate myself, to determine my strengths and at the same time to admitmy weaknesses and flaws. It is not easy to let others know my whole self. I just don't like it; I'm not really used to it.

Again, I'm Morris. Many people commit mistakes on how they will call me because they think that all my names are like first names.

First and foremost, allow me to say that I have a not so big open window. I and other people see me as a God-fearing person, a loving son,a true person and friend. I am a hardworking personand very easy to get along with. Also, I have a cheerful yet simple, and optimistic personality. I believe I am patient, understanding, learning-oriented, and very interesting to know. And if there is one thing I really love to do, it's singing. I REALLY AM A MUSIC ADDICT. I also dance, just a little, and do acting.

My blind window is smaller than my open window. Some people say that I am so jolly and I have nothing to ask for since they say, they just say, that I know how to sing, how to dance, and how to act, and that I do well in my studies but I guess they're wrong since I am not that tall, just joking. Being the only son in the family is a not an easy task, I have to meet expectations of being like this and like that in which I frequently fail. On the other hand, they always let me feel how to be loved, how to be appreciated and how to be cherished.

Few people know the real me, few people really exerted effort knowing me. That's the reason why I have a large hidden window. Whenever I will have personal problems, only few people will know and I will just act as if I'm alright though I am not. This is one problem of mine; I pretend to be strong though deep inside I am really fragile.I want it to become smaller by truly opening myself up to other people whom I know will understand me. Still, a large part of my life belongs to my unknown window. I know that there are a lot of things about me still waiting to be discovered.I actually don't know myself well and don't even know the purpose of my existence.That's why I like to have friends who'll be very true in saying my mistakes and in letting me know what I ought to discern about me.

My life is an impure gold with many flaws, with many mistakes, and whose character is imperfect.Gold is located underground and is mined by people, likewise, I am just waiting for the right persons to pick me up and to help me rise from my difficulties. In the same way gold is set on fire to be pure, my Divine Creator will let me face many adversities and obstacles along my journey to self-improvement and success. I still may not have the luster a pure gold



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