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Irace and Your Community

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iRace and Your Community

In Tallulah, Louisiana there are influences of race as it relates to my community. Human interactions in my community have been rationalized, some being positive and some being negative. These interactions have impacted relations in my neighborhood, service groups, clubs, schools, and environment in which I am a part. Even though a leader of the community opinion of race and the community is negative, interactions in my community have had positive influences on race and the community because of a member of the community's opinion as well as news channel reports on the community.

Within my community members do bear a resemblance to me. My heritage is that of African American background. If you were looking at me you would notice that I have dark hair, light skin complexion, and no doubt that I come from African origin. Within my community in Tallulah, La there many African Americans as well as people of Hispanic descent. There are more dark skinned blacks than there is light skin, like myself. The town may seem segregated because we have a bayou in the middle of town and a majority blacks and Hispanics live on one side and the whites live on another, well this is the first impression that I got when I moved here.

I think that the leaders of my community do a good job at treating not just my minority group good but they treat every minority group with the same respect at least as far as I can tell. I live in a really small town so of course there is always going to be some problems like, one part of town may lose power, or the sewer system could be messed up, or flooding. No matter what the skin color everyone gets the proper attention and help that they need. It makes me feel good to know that we have leaders in our community that really cares and work on getting more jobs for all the members and not just certain races but for everyone. And they do a good job of getting rid of all the negative things like we have a lot of abandoned buildings and that alone can really make a place look unattractive, and the leaders are working really hard to fix the place up.

Tallulah, a community being so diverse, there is not enough cultural awareness. Leaders in the community treat people friendly, because they either know them already or they know their personalities. In a diverse community it is essential that the members of that community be aware of other members in the community. Knowledge is power and people can learn a lot by just paying attention to the actions of others. To strengthen the community, cultural awareness is the key factor to improve the whole community. If everyone were on an individual basis to strive to improve cultural awareness, then cultural diverse community is sure to follow. Tallulah, where is that is the question I usually get when I tell people where I live. I have lived in Tallulah for three years now, a community I am familiar with, I have attended college here, and seen it industrialize over the years. At my house we know when our usual mail carrier is on vacation, my husband's elementary D.A.R.E officer still waves when he see's us out around town, the cashier at the grocery store knows our family, the dollar store is where I worked my first job when I got here, and a lot of my family still hang out with friends that they went to school with. We only have one



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