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Is Diet Good or Bad

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Essay Preview: Is Diet Good or Bad

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By definition, "dieting" refers to the practice of eating or drinking in a regulated manner in order to achieve a specific short-term objective of gaining or losing size or weight. "Diet" on the other hand refers to the habit of nutritional consumption and focuses more on a long-term goal. Even though dieting helps a person to attain the type of body that he/she wants, if not done properly, it may do more harm than good to the body.

Studies shown that the most common objective of dieting is for a person to lose excess body fats and to lose weight. But, there are also kinds of diets that are done in order to achieve a particular medical objective while some dieting are actually done to increase body fats and to increase weight. But the focus of this essay is about losing weight. Vowing to go on a diet causes a person to go on a healthier lifestyle if the person has discipline. Discipline is just one from what is needed in order to go on a diet. Having a balanced diet requires great discipline. Carrying on a low-calorie diet is said to prolong life. It reduces cholesterol level, normalizes blood sugar, may slow down the aging process, and it is very effective in losing weight. To achieve all of these, one must go through the proper way of dieting which includes eating the right food, getting the right nutrition and balancing the intake of fats, salt etc.

Negative effects may also happen to a person on a diet. Some abuse their body and do not eat to the point that they get weak, ill or sick. Improper diet and dieting can lead to serious illnesses due to lack of nutrients absorbed by the body. Dieting of course needs less intake of food, which causes starvation. When a person starves, the person's metabolism recognizes the absence of available fuel and slows down to conserve energy, therefore burning fewer calories. Starvation can cause a person to be weak and lacking of energy, which would later on lead to a more serious health problem if not treated. Also, going on a fad diet overemphasize one particular food or type of food, which does not follow the longstanding medical emphasis on the health benefits of a balanced diet. A person on a fad diet can suddenly experience muscle weakness, incessant thirst, dehydration and headaches.

A person needs to have the discipline and the knowledge to be successful in dieting. Diet can help the person in many ways, especially in losing weight. But, one must also consider the consequences that he/she will encounter in having a diet. Diet may be good or bad for a person. It depends on how the person does this. So in conclusion, diet may be known to help a person lose weight but dieting may also do more harm than good to the body.



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