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Is the Emphasis on a Color Blind Society an Answer to Racism ?

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Essay Preview: Is the Emphasis on a Color Blind Society an Answer to Racism ?

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No, it institutionalizes it. Failure to take race into account in matters regarding hiring, housing, or education are considered racist acts. Society is not color blind, it's color allocated. Adherents are not in effect saying that racism is bad and should be eliminated, they're just saying that it needs to be spread around evenly. Ultimately, the more attention you call to someone's race, the harder it is to deal with them on any other level.

If racism died today, we would still have problems with discrimination and prejudice. If everyone were color blind, then there would be people still in their own little groups. Some people would only stick to certain people based on socioeconomic status, education, attractiveness, religion, etc. So there will always be something that will divide people from each other. However, I think if we were all color blind, it would help this world to be a lot better than what it is now.

I think it's misconception that peoples judge different races based on their color. it's not only about color. it's about their habits, and characteristics, etc. Indians are as black as African Americans. but peoples don't categorize them together because their habits, characters are different. ON AVERAGE, Indians tend to be sort of quiet, don't show emotion very much where blacks are very expressive, etc. southeast Asians(Thai, Philippine, Laos, Myanmar, etc) are very darker than east Asians (Chinese, japanese, Korean). but, peoples put all of these in one category as Asians because they share similar physical characteristic and demeanor, personalities, despite their skin color differences. Of course there are different kinds of peoples in every race, but, each race have their own habits, personality, characters. that's what lead people to view each race differently.

Racism is a word that sparks a nerve in many individuals today. As hard as it is to believe, racism is still a big factor in what we as a society know as a unified America. Although, it is not as obvious as it was in the past, it still goes on, just in ways that are less noticeable. We ask the question, is the emphasis on a color-blind society an answer to racism. Ward Connerly claims it is a way to stop the segregation and make America a whole as it has been striving to be for the longest. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva believes color-blind racism is the new racial ideology and still brings about racial inequality. As the solution to the question progresses, we ask ourselves, will a color-blind society change the way whites view blacks and minorities? Will it change the discrimination that is brought about everyday from individualistic opinions? Those that say they are not biased against other races are the main ones that are judgmental to how certain ethnicities act. Regardless of a color-blind society, there is still going to be racial inequality.

Racism is a topic that



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