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Is the Emphasis on a Color-Blind Society an Answer to Racism?

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Essay Preview: Is the Emphasis on a Color-Blind Society an Answer to Racism?

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Is the Emphasis on a Color-Blind Society an Answer to Racism?

Growing up in the South is pretty hard. Having to deal with racial tension half of my life, I learn how to deal with certain situations that became present to me when the time came to be. My mother always taught me to stand up for myself and never let anyone tell you otherwise; on the other hand, my father told me never to listen to anyone or try and do something I didn't want to do by any other type of person that told me otherwise.

Is the Emphasis on a Color-Blind Society an Answer to Racism? My answer to this question is no! I think it may help but I do not think it's the answer because racism appears in many colors, not just white. I think racism should be challenged with a multitude of social education. Meaning, u socialize with people to find a basis of the races. If you're not educated in other cultures, you'' still be ignorant. That leads to fear and racism, so that's why my opinion is no.

Racism is instilled at young ages for some people. I think the underlying reason for racism is the stereotypes that people develop whether from videos or some type of poor source that doesn't have any type of good evidence that supports it. Or it could come from their environment. Once people get away from the stereotypes only then we can begin to work towards a color blind society.

First to start off this discussion, I would like to just throw out there that the human race will always be an issue in America. This word "race" makes me mad because in a sense, there is no such thing as a race. We are all human beings, just different shades; and for a person to categorize other people in different classes is just wrong. This will and always affects people of different races for years and years to come. Also there always tension towards each race; as it's a free for all for whites. Whites seem to piss everyone off for some reason; attacking other races other than itself. Classification is not a bad thing, but in today's environment/society, it has altered its meaning and become something that people tend to belong in.

Prime example of racial tension in Tallahassee is located in our community and anywhere across America. North Side, we usually see white populated community with thriving businesses while on the other hand, we see the South side, minimum wage/poor community; a community that's barely surviving off itself or depending on other little things just to make it by. For some people, its battle of the fittest; only the "strongest" survive type mentality while other people, it's a way of life! In "Don't Box Me In!", there is a particular part in which Connerly relates back to history to talk about the classification class of African Americans. I quote, "To distinguish slaves from non-slaves, governments established



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