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Issues of a Color Blind Society

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Essay Preview: Issues of a Color Blind Society

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Anyone who says that they are "color blind" or oblivious to different races of people is fooling themselves and are in fact just as racist as non-color blind people are. To act as though color doesn't exist is being naïve to the highest level and I believe people who say they are color blind are just people trying to cover up they're racist ways. I think racism won't change or better America in any way because racism has been so prominent and such a big issue/role in American society that is nearly impossible to be color blind.

In the past, whites have been the suppressors to blacks and other minorities and its sad to say, but they still have the upper hand of all minorities. For instance, look at all the members in congress, the government, and other higher levels of the United States workforce and ask yourself, who do you see most in those high positions? You see mostly whites right? These same Americans who plead being color blind and not racist won't even elect blacks to higher positions because white supremacy is still lurking in the shadows. Just look at President Obama who actually has the highest position of the United States, but yet and still whites mainly criticize, threaten, and talk down on him just because he is black. Everything he does, people have such a big problem with it but when George W. Bush was president and declared war on Iraq that is still going on years later whites weren't complaining as much as they are now with a black president in office. Now although whites say that they don't see color but just people and that they everyone has equal opportunity that is not all true as well because all minorities still make less money than whites, get less opportunities, and have an inferior education compared to whites. Blacks receive impolite treatment in stores, restaurants, and other commercial transactions. Blacks have most recently been receiving the worst treatment in our justice system such as the Trayvon Martin case, the Jordan Davis case, and the Marissa Alexander case in that these black victims have been given unfair verdicts to their crimes. The justice systems says they have actual rules for their justifications but if you compare these cases to those of whites who committed or were apart of similar crimes, they were given more fair dealings. Even in our own justice system, there is still racism and the term color blind does not exist there.

Now how is it that if whites claim to be color blind then there is still so much racism? That is because whites have developed powerful explanations of the matter to hide the ugly truth that some whites are in fact still racists. Such excuses include that these events are a naturally occurring phenomena, residential segregation is a natural tendency among groups, and that minorities have their own preferences. Another example of how whites are not color blind and still racist is through the media. When make-up commercials



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