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Jane Addams Personality

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Essay Preview: Jane Addams Personality

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The “Young” One

Jane Addams personality and her development started to really begin. She wanted to be included in all ages that she was around. They wanted to be loved and help when it was needed. With her father being a leader it helped Jane become a leader also following some of her father footsteps.


The death of her mother’s nurse. Polly was Jane first real experience with death. Polly referred to Jane as Sarah which is Polly mother whom died while Jane was young. Leading to Polly’s death, Jane not only experienced a loss but taking care of someone else needs.


The mill was in a neighborhood next to one of the poorest quarters Jane had ever seen. This was her first sight at what true poverty looked like. She understood that they were less fortunate than her and she could not seem to understand why they lived that way. The houses were so small and crammed together which started to concern Jane. She slowly began to feel compassionate for the people

Jane was appalled when she was offered a bribe due to a statement a person made to her father. She has never taken a bribe before. Jane did not accept the bribe.

Lincoln’s attitude that the common people are the contributions of the moral lives.Jane resisted because the ways missionary was presented to her did not catch her emotionally. One reason her father did not teach her beliefs, but his morals and honor was instilled in Jane. It gave Jane the insight so she could teach women in other fields such as math to help her lead women’s progress forward. Jane ideas gave women power to educate and aid other people they may run into. She made the Hull House a better resource facility.She thought that living with the poor people would better understand them and their ways. If the people are just learning from the classroom they are not able to experience of knowledge. In a classroom you do not have the emotional ability to understand what the under privilege go through.

After attending a bull fight, that’s when she decided to stop preparing and start doing. The lesson that was learned was she would no longer would be self-seeking.



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