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Personal Experience Essay

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Day 436

Some things are not meant to be. I'm glad things went the way they did. It's day 436 and I finally have room for happiness to enter the gloomy pit deep inside me. I don't know how I got here but I did. You found you're way out of this blackness sooner than I did. I recently heard once you find the one you love you better treat it right. You were the only person I only ever loved but god has a plan for me. I accept that I'm just waiting for the one to fill this whole. I don't think anyone can fill it though, but im sure Christopher Columbus would have never believed that we would be flying from continent to continent 350 years later. I have moved on and you're not in my future. I think. Everything about you I loved, even if I acted like I didn't. The sensation of feeling your emotions through you're kisses were like being filled with helium and let go and just floated through time and space. I messed up everything and should not be forgiven for them. I have learned time heals everything even if it was the most amazing thing that has every happened to you. It's been over a year and I thought this feeling of happiness achievable. I hope you read this but I will not directly send it to you. You were amazing and everything about you was great. i love you til the day i pass on to the next life. you were a grand person and an amazing women. i lost you but someone else in this huge world gets to enjoy you now.



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