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Number the Stars Questions

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Questions and Answers

Chapters 1-4

1. Who was the most famous Danish fairy teller? Hans Christian Andersen was the most famous Danish fairy teller.

2. What did Peter Neilson bring to the Johansens? Peter brought two bottles of beer for the adults and two sea shells for the girls.

3. What holiday was Ellen celebrating when she went to the synagogue? Ellen was celebrating the Jewish New Year.

4. What does Annemarie realize after she heard Peter's News? Annemarie realizes that Ellen is Jewish.

5. Who occupied Denmark? The Nazis were occupying Denmark at the time.

6. Why would the Danish people destroy their own naval fleet? The Danish destroyed it so that the Germans could not use it against them.

Chapters 5-9

7. Who does Annemarie accuse of lying to her about Great-Aunt Birte? Uncle Henrik

8. Why does Mrs. Johansen tell the girls they should stay away from people while at Uncle Henrik's? Mrs. Johansen tells the girls that because it would be too difficult to explain who Ellen is.

9. Why did Mrs. Johansen joke about the reason she wanted her brother to find a wife? Mrs. Johansen had said that so that his wife could tidy up the house.

10. What did Kristi name the gray kitten? Kristi named the kitten Thor, after the Greek god of thunder.

11. What is most shocking to Annemarie about the death of Great-Aunt Birte? Annemarie had never heard a story about Great- Aunt Birte because she did not exist.

12. What are some of the differences between the encounter Annemarie and Ellen had with the soldiers on the street compared to the encounter with the soldiers in the apartment? In the apartment the soldiers were older and ruefully came into the apartment. They were forcible and were judgmental about who Ellen was. On the street the soldiers were younger and more understanding.

Chapters 10-13

13. What did Annemarie find by the foot of the steps? Annemarie found the packet that Peter gave Mr. Rosen.

14. After the soldiers left, what did Peter read to everyone? Peter read a psalm from the Bible.

15. What did Peter give to the baby? Peter gave the baby some sleeping medicine.

16. What is wrong with Mrs. Johansen? Mrs. Johansen fell and had broken her ankle.

17. How long was Mrs. Johansen supposed to wait with the Rosens after Peter



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