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Star Wars

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Essay Preview: Star Wars

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Summer Reading Assignments

Alayna Patterson

Pre-AP English 1

July, 12, 2010

Pg. 1 " we have not had such luck..."

Me: maybe they haven't had enough food or supplies

Pg. 2 the fact that 150 men went to the line to fight and the returning group was 'only eighty strong'

Me: it shows that death does have a effect on the soldiers in the war

Pg. 2 Katzinsky is right... it would not be such a bad was if only one would get a little more sleep.

Me: life on the line can be stressful and you end up being deprived of sleep.

Pg. 7 We want something better. Scattered about everywhere there are separate, individual boxes for the same purpose.

Me: They have harsh living conditions making it hard to sleep

Pg. 11 Do you have the wisest were just the poor and simple people. They knew the war to be a misfortune, where as those who were better off and should have been then able to see more clearly what the consequences would be beside themselves with joy.

Me: This war has taken all the joy from everyone

Pg. 12 he got hit in the eye during a attack, and we left him lying for dead.

Me: your best friend might have just got hit and you have to leave people to die

Pg.13 The first bombardment showed us our mistake, and under it the world as they had taught it to us broke into pieces.

Me: The weight of the world is put on you when you go to war and when you fail everyone feels it

Pg. 14 Under the skin the life no longer pulses, it has already passes out the boundaries of the body. Death is working from within.

Me: in war it is hard to keep hope alive it is hard not to beat yourself up inside mentally

Pg.23 We would have gone till we were frozen had not the lieutenant accidentally appear...

Me: The tasks given to the soldiers are course and impractible

Pg. 24 I have stood at attention in a hard frost without gloves for a quarter of an hour at a stretch...

Me: you never stop even when you freeze and having to withstand it can be painful

Pg. 24 I have ran eight times from the top floor of the barracks down to the courtyard in my shirt at two o'clock in the morning because my drawers projected three inches above my knee.

Me: even when your sleeping your clothes must be up to standard

Pg.24 Along ran the corporal, Himmelstoss, and trod on my bare toes.

Me: don't have proper care for your feet

Pg. 26 ... soldiering till we often howled with rage. Many of us became ill through it...

Me: they weren't aloud to stop they had no privileges

Pg. 32 I wont revile anymore it is senseless, I could dropdown and never rise up again.

Me: Grief is one of the hardest things they would have to deal with losing people

Pg. 37 Now we might sleep if we weren't so terribly hungry

Me: Cant even sleep and relax not enough food

Pg. 70 My lungs are tight, they breath always the same hot, used up air, the veins on my temples are swollen. I feel I am suffocating.

Me: Hard for them to breath causing them to suffocate and possibly die

Pg. 101 The rats have become much more numerous lately.

Me: The conditions with the rats seamed to get worse with rats taking food




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