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Junior Year in High School

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Essay Preview: Junior Year in High School

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It's very surprising to be honest. If I rewind my life to the very beginning of junior year, I would have never suspected that I would encounter multiple hardships one after another, each excessively worse than the last. Yes, junior year was extremely tough domestically and socially but little did I know that my horrid problems with my social life would affect me academically. Undeniably it was my will power and my strong belief in never giving up which steered my grades and my life to the straight path and made me realize that mistakes happen in life for a reason, they happen so we can learn from them, so we can share our story with others and help them avoid the hardships we encountered.

When I reminisce at my junior year, I don't extract sadness or failure, I see the rejuvenation and the revival of a individual who encountered a slight obstacle on the road of life. I never knew the happenings in one year could impact my future. It was the social pain of junior year that taught me to be my true self and embrace my suppressed person. It was the drama of junior year, which taught me how to analyze a situation and consider all the variables before I made a big decision. It was the academic obstacles of junior year, which boosted my willingness to excel in my studies and display my educational potential. It was the stress of junior year that taught me how to focus on a goal, a passion, and a dream and make it a reality.

Academically, managing an AP class with other core classes, along with constantly worrying about all the drama, my grades suffered tremendously. Even though I constantly came in after and before school for additional help, my focus on the intense arguments and everything I faced around school occupied my concentration and welcomed me to a stage of a depression.

The smart, likeable, over achieving, responsible role model was disappearing from my life and this cold-hearted stranger occupied his place. I was confused, angry, frustrated, lost, sad and abandoned. It seemed as if no matter what I did, I would always end up failing or losing. But I am a fighter and I do not give up. I believe there is a silver lining to every stormy cloud. I am a fighter and I was not going to let one year of my life dictate my future.

Its astonishing that after all that has happened, I look back and realize that I had the faith, the power, the determination and the strength to survive an unmanageable year with tremendous amounts of mental, social, and most importantly, academic hardships. Even though I lost so much during junior year, I was unaware of the fact that secretly I was actually gaining a great deal of life experiences and real-life lessons for the future. Quite honestly I feel lucky. I feel like this experience will be the primary step in my success, in terms of my career. In short, I feel junior year provided foundation for the more mature and adult chapters of my life, and without the numerous obstacles



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