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Kindness: What Has It Done to the World

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Essay Preview: Kindness: What Has It Done to the World

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Kindness: What Has it Done to the World

Kindness is the most important value that the world needs. It is not rare, but is not found everywhere. Kindness is like good schools, they are not rare, but is not found everywhere. Also like good teachers they are not rare just not found everywhere. Kindness, good schools, and good teachers are not found everywhere but once you find them you won't lit it slip through your hands.

Without kindness the world would be somewhere we wouldn't want it to be. I think kindness is the most important value that this world has to offer because it can bring a whole bunch of people together. I remember this one time when it was Thanksgiving and we decided to go to my uncle's house to make him a thanksgiving because my uncle wasn't married and he wasn't a good cook. So we decided that we would drive down there and give him a little surprise. Since he lived in New York City and we lived in long island it was about a 30 minute drive. Once we got there and told him we were going to cook for him he was so excited even though we invited ourselves to his house for thanksgiving.

Another act of kindness that we did was on Christmas the next year when we bought a whole bunch of presents for kids who had nothing. That Christmas was when my sister and I found out that Santa wasn't real. So we went out with them to buy the presents for kids who still do believe in Santa. At the mall there was a big toy bucket there for people to put their toys in their and we did that on Christmas Eve. My family and I did our share of kindness and I wouldn't have it any other way.

There is a show that comes on every Sunday called Home Makeover where every week these team of builders so kindness by building people's houses who have done something good. This show just shows how people can pay it forward. Mostly people don't pay it forward by building other people's houses but there is other great ways to.

Kindness is the most important value we have in this world because kindness can bring food to people who usually starve most nights, it brings people new houses to live in, and new gifts to give to parents so they can give their children toys because the parents don't have money. The thing kindness brings into us is happiness and without happiness the world would be horrible. That is why I think kindness is the best value and trait a person can possibly have.



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