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Koreal Culture in Pakistan

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Essay Preview: Koreal Culture in Pakistan

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Karachi, the biggest cosmopolitan city of Pakistan and an indubitable melting pot of an immense

number of different cultures and ethnicities, is the place I was lucky to be born and raised in. This grand

city gave me unlimited opportunities to interact and live with many individuals, each different from the

other, and with a unique set of attributes. From kindergarten, right up to college, my socialization with

people spanning from all walks of life played a vital role in my quest of getting insight into factors shaping

people and the driving factors behind them.

This drive to learn was to become stronger when I joined the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of

Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI), an on-campus boarding institute with a history of imparting

excellence to its students. Meeting people from all across Pakistan shaped me further and helped me

understand the importance of culture and its power to mold people. The diversity of what GIKI offered in

terms of education and personal development made sure that I not only adapted to the new surroundings

and realities, but also thrived. Achieving this adaptability without changing the core values I grew up

around has to be one of the proudest achievements I can list.

The campus life offered at GIKI is one of the most reputed across Pakistan, ranging from fully

student run societies and teams at the top of sports circuits across the country. Being a proud member of

the NETRONiX society, which administers the university network, consisting of more than 1500 nodes

with mail severs and squid proxy servers on campus, and the Institute’s debating team has added many

new dimensions to my life in terms of an enhanced skillset and improved communication skills. Heading

NETRONiX’s liaison and external relations teams for our gaming and networking conventions, along with

a strong run of matches in the region’s debating circles has played a crucial role in my development as a

team leader and enforcer who can perform crisis management in high pressure environments.

Being a passionate debater interested in the core human thinking process and success stories of

the world, I came across a motion regarding the Korean Economic Model in one of my economic themed

debates. Having heard the phrase for the first time in my life, naturally, I lost the round. Yet this loss

fueled my appetite for more knowledge about the Korean economic model. As I started my research, I

came across this course being offered by the World Bank with collaboration of the Korea Development

Institute, “Policy Lessons from South Korea's Development”, it became a casket of knowledge of all the

important information about Korean transcendence towards one of the most dynamic economies of the

world, despite having very limited viable natural resources. And this



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