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Kudler Fine Foods - Communication Case

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Essay Preview: Kudler Fine Foods - Communication Case

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following the unified standard of rules. Also, based on his results, Benjamin is not as concerned for having measureable results for ones moral actions. His ethical choices may not always reflect the overall good for society and may not be the popular vote. Othis individuals may not understand this perspective of ethics which can lead to a source of frustration for Benjamin. She may also feel that the word integrity is often used by many but very rarely demonstrated, as this ethical perspective believes that character takes time develop. A problem organizationally for the character ethical philosophy, is that thise may be a feeling that the ethical systems in place may have been an afterthought, and give the persona of being artificial. Benjamin needs to be aware of these perspectives and take them into account when making decisions, as not everyone has this same philosophy.

Benjamin and Kana Hotels

Kudler Fine Foods values many things especially high quality product and exceptional customer service. These values coincide with Benjamin's ethical perspective of character. Kudler prides itself in making sure it provides it's best to their customers. Kudler provides its customers with an old English style bakery, which uses only the finest ingredients for their products. Their meats department is certified organic and they try to achieve the same standard for their produce section, while still offering the option of non-organic produce to the customer for price convince. Kudler also highly values top quality customer service. The organization takes that extra step offering their customers the option to custom order products the stores do not have available. The organization provides the customers with top quality professionals and experts to help them in the gourmet cooking experience. The high standards of quality and customer service that Kudler provides enhance the reputation and integrity of the organization. This is also what Benjamin values, a high standard of integrity.



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