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Leadership Point of View

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Leadership Point of View

Maria Montgomery

Grand Canyon University: MGT 605

September 26, 2012

During my adolescent years, I was always influenced by my parents. They've worked so hard to take care of our family and provided a strong moral foundation for me and my other siblings. They taught us the value of being responsible and having a strong spiritual relationship with God. My father is a strong and faithful leader in his church. He has helped and motivated many people throughout my young life, even until now. He has been a great influence and leader in my life. My mother is always there by his side and I would consider her a leader as well. They have encouraged me and motivated me to pursue my goals and dreams.

My Elements

While I was assessing myself, I came up with my top three leadership goals and cultivated them into creating my Leadership Point of View:

* First Goal: Maintain an A+ average throughout my entire matriculation at GCU.

* Second Goal: Gain employment in a choice organization

* Third Goal: Get married and possibly start a family.

These goals are all effective to my personal and professional life.

My Life Purpose

My purpose in life is to be able to help others and inform them with so much truthful and divine knowledge in which, they will continue to pass along that same knowledge in servicing others. I really feel that servicing others creates an important meaning for life, for me. I believe this is a part of my spiritual journey throughout my life. I will be honest, I am not too sure on where I will be in the next two years, but I intend to accomplish these goals and continue to excel throughout the rest my life.

My Core Values

I sometimes try to identify myself as being a peaceful person. I understand that life has many hurdles and walls that we have to get over before we begin to understand our ability and motivation to drive and accomplish what we set out to conquer. Being a musician/entertainer as well as being involved in the fashion industry, I've learned that the role of leadership is about helping others succeed and showing them in return. It's a "win-win" situation. I've lead bands and have had the responsibility of taking care of others and keeping them informed when things are shifting. I've been a musician for 16 years and I have developed good leadership quality. I enjoy working with people and always being able to help in some way, the favor was returned.





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