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Leadership Point of View

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Leadership Point of View

Family and friends has been the (significant individuals) influencers in my life who have had a positive impact on my life, as far as I can remember my family and friend has been preparing me for leadership through certain responsibilities such as during chores that I was assigned to me, keeping a certain grade point average, completing high school, etc.

As I reflect back to events and turning points during my childhood, school years, and early career, I can remember how my mother and father reared my upbringing as if they were preparing me as if I was already a leader or soon to be one. My parents were keen on pronunciation and annunciation of words. They taught us to be leaders and never follow any behavior(s) of others that would cause hurt or harm to me as well as others. Both of my parents reflect strong leadership skills. I can recall this one key event(s) in my life which had an impact on how I will lead others today, as I entered high school my friend(s) felt I should pledge with this particular group because I fit the description externally, but our values and viewpoints didn't match, after I decided not to join with my friends, they began to treat me differently, so I vowed never to treat other differently because they didn't think or feel a certain way about a certain subject.

As I reflect on my life purpose it's not really clear or precise to me on what is it that I should actually be doing, as a teacher I get great joy by help mold the student(s) lives for their future as well as ours, but I feel that's not what I'm called to do. I constantly ask myself the question why am I here, and what do I want to accomplish while here on earth. I have the natural ability of art, I can draw anything I see or think, and I also pose natural leadership skills so I started a small graphic design business. I also have a love for fashion, I eat and sleep fashion, just have difficulties merging everything together.

I believe once I discover my true purpose in life that my core values which are honesty, hardworking, self-love and treating others as how I would like to be treated will guide my behavior as I attempt to live my life "on purpose.

Given what I've learned from past influencers, life events, my life purpose, and core values, my leadership point of view-- According to Ken Blanchard determining your leadership

point of view is important because once you have developed a clear leadership point of view it becomes possible to clearly communicate it with those around you. Ken Blanchard (2010). I believe just knowing where one is going can impact the way we interact with others and how they see you, because I feel people will follow someone with a great plan if they can believe in it. Chad Million (2012)

Once I become a leader my people can expect of me, hard work, honesty and an obligation to always make intelligent



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