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Learning Organizations Cultivate the Art of Open, Attentive Listening. Managers Must Be Open to Criticism

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Essay Preview: Learning Organizations Cultivate the Art of Open, Attentive Listening. Managers Must Be Open to Criticism

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"Learning organizations cultivate the art of open, attentive listening. Managers must be open to criticism" (Garvin, 1998; pp67)

We live in a world in which technology and globalization affects every part of our lives. Today market is changing rapidly, because of competition, technology all around the world. Organization all around the world started increasing the speed and quality of their learning for the success. Interests in learning organization are the continuous process. The above statement explains the importance of learning organization for managers to develop active listening skills and be open to criticism. Basically managers are responsible person for achieving the goals of any organization. Manager should be open with every one in the organization; they should listen to every one, know their views, complaints and suggestions and do critical analysis for the issue. In every organization there are many tasks are set by directors and by their senior manager to attain the success in organization goal. It is the managers who implement all these tasks and follows the chain of command in implementing any operational level set by superiors. In every organization these managers are the tools who control the production and sometimes even the whole organization if require. Objectives of any organization only can be achieved by these managers who are open to criticism; who can inspires, motivates and influences others. This essay's evaluate the relationship between personal and organization learning.

learning organizations:

According to Gravin D.A. (1993) "A learning organization is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights".

Above statements explains that in learning organization people develop the skills for expanding their capacity continuously for creating the truly desired results for current task. It facilitates the learning of its member continuously to see whole together and new expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, continuously transform itself. To remain competitive in the business environment learning organizations develop different skills.

Then critical thinking makes the employee to analysis the problem and able to take the risk with past experience and get the new idea. Every employee of the organization should have a learning attitude that contributes in the achievement of the organization mission.

Learning organizations not only develops the skills such as art of opened minded but also active listening. Managers in learning organizations must open to criticism and bad news.

Learning organizations are skilled at five main activities:

1. Systematic problem solving.

* Thinking and Analysis of the problem with the systems theory

* Scientific methods are used for diagnosing problems.

* They should insist on data as background rather the assumption for decision-making.

2. Experimentation with new approaches.

* New experiments testing should be take in to effective action systematic reasearch

* Continuous experiments increase gain in knowledge

* Projects demonstration implementation for developing capabilities of organization

3. Learning from their experience and history.

* They learn from their past failures

* Recognize the value of productive failure.

4. Learning from the experiences and history of others.

* Learn best industry practices of any organizations.

* They learn through enthusiastic borrowing

* They learn from customer's conversation/dialogue.

5. Transferring knowledge quickly and efficiently throughout the organization.

* They learn through the deployment of reports, site tours, and education and training programs.

* Incentives for that employee who deserves for it to improve theirs status in organization.



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