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Organizing Functions of Management - Boeing

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Organizing Functions of Management - Boeing

The organizing function of management is at the beginning stages of the management process. Organizing takes place by the upper level management teams and are assigned to mid-level managers who hands down the work or assignments to the individuals that best fit for the assignment. The Boeing Company has a vital need to provide a well-developed management teams to organize all the different departments that the company has; for example, the commercial jet liners and military air craft departments. To compromise any of these areas would have an overwhelming impact on the company in a monetary way as well as hurt the company's reputation. The success of Boeing depends mostly by how well the organizing functions of management are implemented.

Boeing currently has more than 150,000 employees across the United States and in 70 countries. This company has incorporated its own Human Resources Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The Human Resources Department handles the process of hiring and offering its employees sources to a better education and the best opportunity available to each individual. Boeing formed a compensation structure, performance policy, and a reward policy program into their system, which allows employees the opportunity for incentives, and pay raises. Their primary focuses are growth strategies in the global market, financial goals and performance, leadership development, and of course, ethics and compliance (Spindler, 2008).

Boeing's Center for Technology, Information, and Manufacturing promotes new discoveries, new development, and the practice of necessary capabilities to achieve global excellence in technology, information, and manufacturing (Boeing Center for Technology, Information, and Manufacturing, n.d.). The offer for students to grow in technology, information, and manufacturing begins by designating an impressive number of universities across the country within ground classes and online classes for interested participants. Working throughout the country with different universities allows Boeing the opportunity to bring in the best of the best. This management practice is successful for Boeing in that Boeing can constantly bring to the company the most updated technology. Keeping up with the newest technology gives the Boeing Company the edge against its competition.

Boeing has in the past gone through incidents that have diminished Boeing's credibility. Because of the same downfalls, The Boeing Company learned to improve its management and organizational process. Now in day this company continues to be a successful organization with its unconditional view for growth and success to produce the best in everything they do for the world and its society.



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