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Training and Learning in Organizations

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Essay Preview: Training and Learning in Organizations

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Case Study #2


1. MOI in anticipation of expansion needs to hire additional Superintendent level employees and reduce the time it takes to train and gain experience necessary for them to perform at the Superintendent level.

2. Design Team Recommendations:

- I would recommend that when developing the mentoring program that they train the mentors on coaching techniques needed to guide these employees to make good job choices that best fit their skill set and develop training that will develop skills, and abilities.

-Under the mentoring program I would also build a succession planning program. Identify and developing future leadership of the company. More important, perhaps, is the huge amount of knowledge that will leave along with people retiring. But whether it's many baby boomers who retire, or one key manager who finds another job, you need to be prepared for losing key people with knowledge transfer is key.

- I didn't notice a hiring manual mentioned by the design team. It would be critical to have various components in the manual such as IT and employee handbook.

- Analyze the organization by conducting a SWOT analysis of the business. Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to this organization. What is the organization's vision? Where does the organization want to be in three to five years? What does this say about the training that may be necessary for its employees? What training would reflect the organization's strategic plan?

-I would like to also confirm how they are making sure to use blended learning and developing learning activities that incorporate adult learning principles and methods of experiential learning.

- I would recommend that during the new hire orientation that they cover areas such as the history of the company and have a senior manager be a speaker at the event so the process gets buy in by senior management.

-In the communication plan I would recommend that the leadership team develop a clear business strategy and mission statement to communicate. Training would then clearly align with the business strategy as in the Business Embedded model that is clearly characterized by five competences, strategy direction, product design, structural product and delivery for results. This provides participants with strategies and practical tools to lead more effectively, and communicate clearly to colleagues how decisions are made beyond the department level and reflect on the work of the department or division.

3- Other Recommendations:

-I would recommend that MOI conduct a needs assessment to provide them with clear measurable goals for training. Design the necessary needs assessment instruments



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