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Let's Really Reform Our Schools - Guide Lines only

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Essay Preview: Let's Really Reform Our Schools - Guide Lines only

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This week you will be answering questions about the essay "Let's Really Reform Our Schools" from your textbook. While answering these questions, I really need you to move beyond any knee jerk reactions you may have to her conclusions. Try to be as objective as possible. You want to analyze the work, and not explain why she is right/wrong from your personal opinion.

Assignment 2: The Annotated Bibliography

This sounds way more complicated than it actually is. An annotated biography is just a list of sources in MLA format with a brief summary of each. I have provided some examples for you to look at. And here is a sample annotated bibliography.

Assignment 3: Project: Proposal For Freelancing

This assignment is the first step in your final project for this course. This project will be a proposal to a company that describes a job you would like to do for them. Writing this type of proposal will provide you with great experience that will be useful in your field.

For this week you will be describing the company you wish to freelance for. Choose a company that actually exists and write one paragraph that describes the company and a second paragraph that describes your proposed project. You must submit both paragraphs to get full credit for the assignment.

Participation: You must respond to two students per question to get full credit.

Assignment 4: Project: Commas, Semi-colons, and other punctuation

For this assignment, you will be using the worksheet provided on the assignment page to answer questions about Commas, Semi-colons, and other Punctuation.

Post your answers to the questions directly into the discussion area and not as an attached word document.

Please number your answers as they are in the worksheet.

Participation: For this assignment, you must review and critique at least two other students' answers to the questions.



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