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Letter from War Efforts

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Date: October the 9th, 1781

Subject: Greetings from Victory.

Dear Mother,

On this joyous, Fall day of October the 9th, 1781 will be the day that I write to you. I can comfirm, from the joy in my heart, that we have claimed victory fom the Yorktown battle. Thanks to a wonderful gentlemen by the name of General George Washington; I must not forget the English man, Sir Cornwallis, whom surrendered, if not for his actions we would still be in the bloody zone of death. I hope that this will be the last American war for freedom, fingers crossed. I have made some very true and honest friends but sadly only 2 of them lived. Yes, Julia is still alive, she says greetings and tells you that her stomach longs for your ever so delicious tea and tasty crumps.

Thankfully, only 180 soldiers were wounded, many I nursed back to health, and sadly 72 were pronounced dead on the battle field. It wasn't so great for that English soldiers, 326 were wounded and 309 faced death. May God rest on their souls. What happened today was something no one should ever see, it was horrible all the blood being shed. There is so much going on that you cannot even imagine. There was so any people and so much blood, i didn't even know where to start to help. I know I have said that quite a few times, but I am trying to express my experience the only way I know how. The moment I hear a gun shot, a shock goes down my spine and I quiver knowing that I may not be able to successfully help this person. It just breaks my heart knowing at that exact moment, someone dies. "Just like that", they are gone. You do not realize it until it happens, and then you cannot take it back. I'm so thankful that this bloody hell, they call war, is over now. Thankyou for praying for me momma, you helped keep me going , and all that time you and Ella were in the back of my mind.

I am very proud to fight for this country because it will bring freedom not only for me, but for my grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on; because it will make us free to be who we want. I'm proud to call myself an American now and I'm proud that we have stopped those British from overcoming on our homes. So for now dear ma, I am safe and I'm going to celebrate with the rest of the army at the pub tonight, you should see everyone in the streets dancing and prancing it's like a Mardi Gras. God bless you,

Till then...

Love your daughter,




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