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Letter to President Kennedy

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Essay Preview: Letter to President Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy

White House



Dear Mr. Kennedy,

I am writing to you to give you some advice about what to do with the USSR. In my opinion I think you should have a negotiation or discussion with Mr. Khrushchev about the missiles on Cuba, because if you think about it thoroughly if you do anything else it will either make you look weak or you will end up being blown up. Negotiating is a strong and safe way to get rid of the missiles on Cuba because if you do nothing it will make you look weak and make you an easy target for Russia if you do a surgical air attack America will be bombed by Russia instantly. This is the only choice you could make that could help you get a shot at removing those bombs and also keeping your country safe. If people start to feel unsafe they will leave. This decision could affect the entire world because of the bombs flying everywhere which means innocent civilians everywhere will die and that is not fair on them or their families. They deserve to life a peaceful life without being blown to pieces the only way to guarantee that is to discuss it with Mr. Khrushchev.

 If he does not agree on any means to remove the missiles then I suggest an invasion on Cuba, last time it didn’t go so well but now the country is stronger and the soldiers have to fight for their lives and families. Cuba is extremely small compared to the USA so we have an advantage for that since there won’t be much to invade. If you do nothing this war will never end and you and the people of America will live in fear until someone does something about it.

From Ellie DEAKIN

King George V School

2 Tin Kwong Road


Hong Kong




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