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Life at University

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Essay Preview: Life at University

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For many people, the time spent at the university was one of the best things in their life. One important aspect a university should be concerned about, except the quality of education, is a proper environment where students can make social connections. I believe that living in the university campus is a great chance of creating bonds with other students, while choosing to live in apartments outside the campus, could lead to isolation and loneliness. Moreover, the universities are often safer and cheaper places to live in.

Social interaction is a necessary factor for the development and survival of a student, especially if the student lives for the first time away from the family. Friends can often be a source of support and distraction from different problems one student may encounter. Students that interact with each other have fewer problems with the learning, in comparison with those who live outside the campus. One great advantage is that students from the campus can learn together and thus help each other, as well as receive precious tips from seniors.

Secondly, the campus is able to offer students security, since most universities are protected by guards. Furthermore, students from the campus are barely alone, in comparison with those in the community and therefore the chances of being in danger are reduced.

Furthermore, in many cases the university dormitories are cheaper than other apartments from the community. The financial issue is a very serious problem for many students when choosing a university. In general, students are offered diversity in the prices of the university dormitories. They can choose between cheap to very expensive places in the campus, depending on every student's financial capacity or preference. On the other hand, the apartments from the community can sometimes be very expensive and unsecure, as you might not know the people you are going to live with. In some cases, students form groups with friends or persons known to them in order to live together outside the campus, but these are the happy cases.

To sum up, living in the campus of the university would be wiser than living in an apartment outside the campus, as the university reduces the costs of living, presents a safer environment and is the perfect place for socializing.



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