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University Life

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Essay Preview: University Life

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Hello peeps! Again I am here to update my blog since WaiSin is not satisfied with my previous private post. Did you notice that I added something on my blog? Yea, a NEW page with All About Him, my LEE HOM. haha. Maybe will add more pages but still got no idea what to add. heh :) I love my blog, don't you?

Okay, a sudden change of plan made by my cute parent this morning. At first, we were planned to go back hometown on Saturday, but my dad are not free on that day so we Cancel it. And this morning when I woke up, my dad asked me am I okay if we go back hometown on Sunday, I was like..huh? I promised to help out on tomorrow RYCS food fair, and it end up with this. What to do? Of course I have to obey right? I didn't want things to become like this, or maybe I shouldn't begin with it. Nomorenexttime.

I feel so guilty for not studying the Whole day. Hello RachelTan, did you know maths quiz is coming, and presentations and so on? Boooooom! Should be doing the Critical thinking homework, but yet I am in the blogging mood, will touch it up as soon as I finish this. Muahaha.

My pretty was stressed with her Econs and she find me on skype. Hehe :) Sorry I got no mic but webcam. LOL! I hope that I do help you to release a little of your stress. :) Bear in mind, everything is HARD. I understood your condition. It is just the same as me, I dont understand CA, and you don't understand Econs. To be in positive minded, these are NEW to us, for sure we will have our hard time with it. JY ya, my pretty!



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