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Significant Role of Student Organizations in the Life of the University

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Essay Preview: Significant Role of Student Organizations in the Life of the University

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Imagine a university without student organizations. Probably, this university would seem to be lifeless, miserable and indolent. Students would perhaps circumvent enrolling in this kind of university. However, one might wonder what makes student organizations extra special and how these organizations magnetize million of students of different universities.

Student organizations basically let the students enjoy and possibly get away with academic problems they are facing in their respective subjects. Most students would use student organizations as diversions for them to relieve their stress from any academic - related work and duties. At any rate, these organizations offer more than pleasure and recreation. Student organizations play very relevant roles in the formation of every student in every university. They serve as another source of learning for the members, particularly the students. The learning acquired may not necessarily mean academic learning. This learning may include character - building learning, interpersonal relationship learning and many more. They help unleash the innate talents and boost self - confidence of students. Organizations related to sports are one of the best organizations that could uncover the hidden talents and skills of any particular student. Courage in partaking activities that would require one's skill would help strengthen one's self - confidence. Student organizations assist the development of students' sense of responsibility. The tasks involved permit the students to enhance their sense of reliability. They could also help instill the leadership skills of students. Students get to amplify their social skills. Friendly relationships may also arise. Healthy relationships formed strengthen not only the organization as a whole but also good character of every member. Students would tend to have a spirit of trustworthiness and sharing. Trustworthy relationships would help strengthen the organization and would create a positive outlook for every member. Student organizations may also pave the way for opportunities of exploring the future and true desires of each pupil involved. Activities like tours, school demonstrations and symposiums give each pupil an idea of what it truly feels to be involved in the competitiveness of the outside world. The world outside school may rather be difficult and struggling yet these organizational activities may help the students change this perspective. The students may see it as a world full of endless dreams and possibilities waiting to be fulfilled. In other words, student organizations can help the pupils see the battle in the real world as a healthy competition and perceive this competitiveness as a way of achieving their long - term goals in life. This changed perspective may also allow the students to get motivated to do well



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