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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

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Essay Preview: Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

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Love marriage Vs arranged marriage

Marriage is one of the most important things in life as it shapes the personal life as well as the career. It is a bond that establishes a long-term relationship between the man and woman. Successful married life involves selecting the right partner and maintaining a long-term relationship by understanding and acceptance of each other. Selecting the right partner can be done by an arranged or a love marriage. Both types of marriages have their own pros and cons. To choose the best, we need to analyze the ways of selecting a life partner and how they shape the later married life.

Arranged marriages had been in practice from many centuries both in western and eastern countries. Especially, they had been practiced by royal families for political or economical gain or to save their lineage. Especially in India, these are practiced to keep the division between different castes. Many people, especially in the western countries don't prefer arranged marriages as they don't offer freedom to select the right partner according to their desires and needs. This is reasonable. How a man or woman can share everything in their life with a woman or a man they never met before? How if a man or a woman has completely different opinions or preferences of leading a life? For example, can an egocentric man and a woman build a long-term relationship? A woman or man who is greedy of wealth can live happily with a man or woman who likes a simple life? Definitely can't. But, some people, especially in eastern countries support arranged marriages as the divorce rates are less when compared to the love marriages. Less divorce rates not necessarily mean that the couple is happy. They might be living together considering the relationships between both families or may be due to the fear of response of society. Apart from these disadvantages, arranged marriages have advantages also. Arranged marriages are generally arranged by parents who are matured and can capable of taking right decisions than the children. And, they always try to give the best to their children.

The beauty of love marriages is that the freedom of selecting the life partner according to ones desires and needs. The intimacy between lovers helps in understanding each other which in turn help in choosing the life partner for long term and harmonious relationship. However, there are many cases of unsuccessful love marriages. The success of love marriages lies in the maturity, honesty and forethought of the couple involved. Unmatured couple may not has the capability to take the right decisions, they may feel physical attraction or any other influence as love which may results in breakup of relationship later. The breakup of a relationship or an unsuccessful marriage is a great damage to life or career of couple. Love marriages are treated as taboo



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