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Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay

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Childhood is a stage of life that everybody have been through. Some people says that childhood is when we learnt and discovered new things. Others says that kids must enjoy the freedom and innocence that only childhood can gives. Some kids has the privilege of have a nice childhood while others can’t count on that. There are a certain of events or situations that can affect negatively the life of kids. That’s what happened to Baby, the protagonist of “Lullabies for little criminals”, by Heather O’Neill. Yes, Childhood is a precious thing that happens in our life, but is fragile like a glass and it can easily be broken. What’s looks normal for an adult can changes a kid’s life forever.

In the novel, Baby is a little girl who lives with his father, Jules. He is a drug addicted so Baby is involved in this kind of live against her will since she doesn’t has a mother. Being surrounded by this kind of life has several consequences to baby. One of them is that living with a drug addicted gives you knowledge about drugs, knowledge that a child like Baby shouldn’t know. “For a kid, I knew a lot of things about what it felt like use heroin, just from looking and listening. Supposedly, it was like shaking hands with God. It was cool like a Black Panther. It was like putting your face on the fur collar of a great leather jacket (…)” [Page number 10.], Baby express. Clearly even a child can acquire this kind of knowledge when is deep in that world.



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