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Macbeth - Psychiatric Evaluation

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Essay Preview: Macbeth - Psychiatric Evaluation

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Psychiatric Evaluation


Patient- Lady Macbeth

Doctor- Chris Hill

Description- Sleeping features with psychotic features

Identification- Scottish middle aged female. Queen of Scotland

Chief Complaint-

-Sleep-walking, talking in sleep

Presenting Illness

- The patient is extremely guilty and nervous. She has previously convinced her husband to commit to a murder and can't handle the burden of death. She cannot cope with the levels of stress and guilt that she is feeling and must release them in her sleep, when she is unaware of her movements and actions. In her conscious state of mind she is collected and together but in her sleep she reenacts the actions during the murder.

Personal History

Developmental History- She has no know deformities or psychological problems. Lived her childhood in royalty, has no known probChildhood/Adolescence- Has always exerted characteristics of being ambitious and showing great leadership. Has been known to be manipulative and convincing.

Marriage- She has become the Queen of Scotland because she is married to the King. She is not the mother to any children.

Occupational History- Has been Lady of Cawdor, Lady of Glamis and now Queen of Scotland.

Sexual History- Is frustrated with her husband because does not have much desire for her anymore. Make's her feel insignificant and unimportant.

Social History- Since the age of 20 has held some sort of power because of her marriage to Macbeth. But lately has exerted more confidence because she is currently Queen of Scotland.

Current Social Situation- Living in luxurious castle with many house maids. Lives in royalty and does no work of chores.

Family History

- Her only family she has is her husband and they have no children. She show's no natural motherly instincts.

Mental Status Exam

Appearance- Saggy eyes. Wiry hair, Very nervous. Beaty eyes. Won't make eye contact. Doesn't speak in complete sentences.

General behavior- Very nervous. Jittery hands. Beaty eyes. Won't make eye contact. Doesn't speak in complete sentences.

Attitude Toward Examiner- Lady Macbeth is very uneasy and hostile towards me. Constantly is fidgeting with her hands.

State of Consciousness-



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