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Management Training

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training mangement .....Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

We arrive at Chile with the illusion to have a home for mental disabled people, basing on the experience of my brother. He had a severe mental problem, before we left the country, my brother was in a home for the mentally challenge people in Chile for many years, when we left, we suffered a lot leaving him behind, without knowing how they would treat him. One day my situation got very bitter, because what I found out left me shocked, my brother was raped. My brother couldn't even defend himself. he was sweet, but had no language, but he would try for people to understand him, so it was one of my trips in which he made me comprehend what he went thru, that's when I decided to go to Chile and build a home that I felt he needed.

What was involved in setting up your business?

The main priority of setting my business was my location, I did research for my home in cities where there was peace and good environments for these children. With my husband we found a perfect home outside of the city, 1500 square meters (0.15 acres), it was big and lots of space to create a great home for the children. With a big back yard where they can play or enjoy the nature of life, these children all they need is some love and serene surroundings and this was the perfect place.

Another main priority of setting my own business was the kind of professionals I would hire for them, we had psychomotor development where the specialist were Kinesthetic and Audiologist, we also had an Educational psychologist, which she was in charge of the special education they needed, for example; we had different kinds of workshops; wood, ceramics, clay, gardening, artistic painting, gymnastics, aerobic, dance, and carpentry. All this of course, is depending on the capacities and ability of each one of the children.

My next step to the setting of my business was educating myself to the subject of the matter. I did short courses of first aid and educated myself with prescriptions and types of medications these children take. I needed to know how much drug was involved in their lives, where I can say that without these medications they cannot survive.



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