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Mangament Paper - Case About Gau Uniform

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Essay Preview: Mangament Paper - Case About Gau Uniform

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          In order to understand how the founder of Gau Uniform – Mr An - manage his own company, people should take a little look at 4 main management functions which are defined as planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

          “If you have no particular destination in mind, then any road will suffice. However, if you have someplace in particular you want to go, you need to plan the best way to get there. Because an organization exists to achieve some particular purpose, someone must define that purpose and the means for its achievement.” So how do people define their own purposes and find the way to achieve it? That’s the time for them to manage their activities and their plants, to use the 4 management functions. The first function is planning which means that people define goals, establish strategies for achieving those goals, and develop plans to integrate and coordinate activities. The second function is organizing. In organizing, managers determine what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, how the tasks are grouped, who reports to whom, and where decisions are to be made. The activities of motivating subordinates, helping resolve work group conflicts, influencing individuals or team, selecting the most effective communication channel, or dealing in any way with employee behavior issues are called leading. And the last function here is controlling to ensure that goals are being met and that work is being done as it should be. In this function, the managers need to monitor, evaluate performance and correct it if needed.

         Mr An needs to apply these management functions effectively in order to be as success as he is now. So how can he plan for his own business? The reason for his business came from one of his friend who wanted to run on a business in selling uniform. After that, Mr An analyzed their situations and found out that they needed more experts in sales management and finance. At that time, doing business was just his biggest fondness with the open market of selling uniform. He defined that he would focus mainly on his target market which was National Economics University and took care for it really carefully. Then when his company is big enough to run smoothly, he now need not to depend on it anymore. So his strategy was that go from small market to the big one which would help to expand their customers and orders as well as their reputation. What made Gau Uniform different from other companies was its price and content. He tried to reduce the price of the products to the lowest suitable point so that his target customers would afford and choose his company. Moreover, Gau Uniform also made the difference in the content of a uniform. Every products which was made by Gau Uniform is a difference, which means that the company designed products based on customer’s characteristics. The marketing strategy of the company was also different from the others. Gau Uniform focused totally on marketing through Facebook, one of the fastest and easiest way to expand the company’s image to the customers and it did success. After all, Mr An did do really good in planning and establishing strategy in order to build up the company’s name.



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