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Many Countries

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In these days and ages, governments have to deal with numerous issues for the purpose of improving citizen's life. As many countries have faced famine and poverty, some people believe that it is more realistic for government to spend more money on some areas that directly serve their citizen such as medical services and education than investing in theaters and sport stadiums. This essay will support the idea by providing two main reasons.

First and foremost, government should take their responsibility to providing health services and education which are serve essential demands of people and motivate other areas in society. Having good health is a prerequisite condition for people to work and study. However, many areas are lacking of hospitals and skilled doctors. For instant, in Vietnam, the ratio of doctors per 10000 populations is nearly 10. Further to this, education plays vital role in economy growth and improving intellectual standards of people. Manpower is apparently the most important factor in national development process, so top priority must be given to education. For example, although Japan does not have natural resources, it is the second wealth nation in the world based on its human resources. Consequently, government should put a focus on medical services and education.

Secondly, private sectors would be invested in cinemas and stadiums more effectively. Private investors have recently occupied a strategic position in country's economy with noticeable capital. Moreover, when private entrepreneur spends money on these areas cinemas and stadium's quality will be improved because of competition. A typical example of it is the thriving of private cinemas in HCM city such as galaxy... Hence, theatres and stadiums investment should be concentrated by private sectors.

To conclude, government should concentrate on medical care and education sectors while private entrepreneur should be encourage investing in theatres and stadiums. All these areas should be invested and developed in order to meet the need of essential services and entertainment.



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