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Market Analysis of Maruti Celerio

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Essay Preview: Market Analysis of Maruti Celerio

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Market Analysis of Maruti Celerio

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Count on us..

  • Maruti Udyog Limited was established in February 1981

  • Government owned 74% of the company and rest was owned by Suzuki of Japan until 2007

  • At present, Suzuki Motor Corporation is the parent company with a majority stake of 56.8%

  • Few of the cars which Maruti Suzuki India manufactures are

  •         Omni
  •         Alto
  •         Swift
  •         Celerio
  •         Dzire

Celerio AMT

  • Launched in February 2014 replacing A-star and Zen Estilo

  • Captured the market immediately which resulted in long waiting periods

  • USP of the cost effective offering of an innovative technology of automatic manual transmission

  • Promises the comfort of automatic coupled with the sportiness associated with manual cars

Purpose & Objective of Project

  • To explore the phenomenal success of a new technological offering

  • To understand the challenges that were, are, and will be  

  • To demonstrate the cost-to-value sensitivity of the Indian customer

  • To understand the changing preferences of the customer

  • To speculate the further opportunities of the product

  • To study the impact of the product on the market and expected response from competing OEMs

Significance of Project

  • This product offers a study on core marketing concepts and applications like:

  •         Pricing Strategy

  •         Value for money

  •         Positioning Strategy

  •         Promotions and Advertisement

  •         Satisfying the needs of customers

SWOT Analysis

Scanning the External Environment

Competition Analysis

Porters Five Forces Model

Primary & Secondary Research

  • Main focus was on opinions and preferences

  • After basic questions on demographics, rating for different features like Mileage, Durability,  Ease of Drive was taken

  • Aim of ratings, was to gauge how important mentioned features are, in comparison to others, while thinking of purchasing a car  

  • Reasons for preference of MT over AT, by general public, were asked

  • Survey was floated on email & popular social networking site, Facebook

  • Through the survey, various insights were found which helped in understanding consumers better

  • Through secondary research, a better understanding of market and competitors developed

Market Research

Demographics of survey population:

Survey population comprised 84% males and 16% females

Survey comprised of:

  •   68% people from Tier-1 cities (Delhi, Mumbai etc.)

  •   17% people from Tier-2 cities (Pune, Surat etc.)

  •   15% from Tier-3 cities (Ambala, Erode etc.).

Decision making process of the consumer

Customer mindset

Consumer preferences


  • Identification of need- People need a compact car which is easy to drive, is high on mileage, but is available at a lower cost.

  • Segmentation-




  • Product- 

  • EZ drive - with the new Automated manual transmission that eliminates the hassle of shifting gears. Targeted at people of urban and metropolitan areas who daily get stuck up in heavy traffics and at people who are mileage conscious

  • EZ technology - with the improved K-Next engine that provides better torque delivery, fuel efficiency and faster throttle response (drive by wire). Targeted at people who are more concerned about the driveability of the car (generally sport oriented people) and also at people who are mileage conscious (families with annual income in the range of 4 to 8 lacs)

  • EZ Style - New design theme of Curve In Curve Out (CICO) styling in Celerio. Targeted at families as well as young people whose first criteria to buy a car is aesthetics, generally people in the age group of 20 to 40

  • EZ Space - The Xpan design of Maruti Celerio has maximised space and comfort within the car. This is targeted at small families of size four or five who want to travel comfortably, leisure travellers, daily long distance commuters and old aged people

  • Price and Maintenance - The Maruti Celerio AMT gives the customer an automatic drive feel but at a lower initial cost and maintenance. This is targeted at people who want economical, innovative and reliable product.


  • POP

  • Same ex-showroom price range

  • In-line geometry of engines, braking and suspension mechanisms

  • Sub 4 metre hatchbacks with 2 row seating

  • POD

  • Only AMT offering in India

  • Best in class mileage: comparable to manual transmission

  • Cost effective: Automatic offering at near to manual variant cost


2) Marketing-

  • Advertisement directly highlights the difficulties faced by a regular commuter in an urban city. It highlights how Celerio’s AMT model solves the daily hassle of frequently changing gears in traffic.  

  • Hoardings and Printed advertisements highlight the key features namely EZ Drive, EZ Technology, EZ Style, EZ Space, EZ Gizmos.

  • YouTube channel has short feature based videos, review videos and advertisement.

  • Attractive Product Website highlighting all the relevant information.

Poster highlighting Positioning

Suggestions & Foresights

  • Product-

  • Improvement in exterior design

  • Reduction in waiting period

  • CNG variant of Celerio AMT

  • Keeping a watch on competitors like Tata, Mahindra, Nissan, etc who are ready with their AMT models


  • Awareness Drives

  • Market Expansion

  • Capturing Digital Space

  • Catering to emerging segment

Limitations & Future Research


  • CNG variant of Celerio AMT

  • Supply of AMT gearboxes from Magnetti Marelli

Future Research-

  • Re-designing the engine room to enable the packaging of Celerio AMT CNG model

  • Continuous research is required in the area of Fuel Economy improvement in order to meet the requirements of the Corporate Average Fuel Consumption Rules and Rating system

  • Conformance to crash testing standards also needs to be tested to meet the crash testing norms which are going to be enforced by the government in the near future.

Conclusion & Implications

  • Ease of driveability, mileage and price needs

  • Market segments based on geographic, demographics, psychographics and behavioural aspects.

  • ‘EZ’ banner: EZ Drive, EZ Space, EZ technology etc.

  • Re-strategizing in order to ramp up production levels

  • Roll-outs based on the AMT platform planned out from competitors

  • Overall, Maruti Celerio has managed to build upon the competitive advantage (first mover   advantage), and gain significant market shares.

That’s all folks

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