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Marketing Plan for Choice Water-Melon Juice

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan for Choice Water-Melon Juice

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In the past 10 to 15 years, the juice consumption is increasing with the time. People are more conscious about their health and nutrition. That's why the marketers meet the customers' demand by importing different kinds of juice from abroad. But now the domestic companies are getting very interested to juice market. The domestic companies are launching different kinds and flavors of juice in the market. Many new companies are making juice from the domestic produced fruits like orange, mango, litchi, pineapple, strawberry, guava etc.

Customer desires new and demands newer! Continually! New-born (Pvt.) Limited will start with a brand name CHOICE with the intent to continually meet the newer demands of valued customers by offering them distinctive and quality food products.

Initially, we are offering water-melon juice, a distinct product for food industry of Bangladesh. The name indicates this is a private limited company and we are committed to add new tastes in the food habits of Bangladeshis.

We do believe in never-ending quest for quality.

As it is a new company with new products, it will have some advantages like uniqueness and massive target market to serve. In Bangladesh, water-melon production is quite satisfactory. New-born (Pvt.) Limited has that particular opportunity to collect the best water-melon directly from the best farmers throughout the country especially from Chittagong hill-tracts areas, Rajshashi, Nator, Pabna, Jessor, Comilla, Chuadanga, Jhinidha, Feni, Goalondo, Shirajgong and island areas like Bhola and convert them into juice. Our target market will be the populace especially the children and young. Water-melon is almost a very likable fruit in Bangladesh and it has good nutrition value too. We have surveyed and hope in the month of Ramadan at the time of Iftar it will be demanded highly.



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